Shocking news today out of the Experience Hendrix camp, the company that controls the likeness and music of the legendary rock guitarist, as the Seattle-based company announced that the controversial Hendrix sex tape being released this week by Vivid Video is in fact a 8-minute video of Jimi Hendrix getting it on with Roger Clemens.

Questions have already arisen about the authenticity of the man purported to be Clemens, most of them centering around the fact that the ex-hurler was born in 1962 and therefore only about 6-years-old when the sex tape was filmed.  But Steven Hirsch, co-chairman of Vivid, has claimed that several experts have authenticated Clemens’ involvement in the sex acts.  “We got lots of credible sources on this one,” said Hirsch in a prepared statement.  “Clemens’ wife authenticated it, so did John Daly, Miley Cyrus and Barbaro’s ghost.”  When asked how Clemens could appear in the tape as an adult even though he should only be a toddler when it was filmed, Hirsch responded “fuck if I know, maybe that asshole took so many steroids he can now travel through time?”

Further bulletins as events warrant.

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