You thought Roger Clemens was only interested in underage white-trash celebrity poon back in the 80’s when he was just a 20-something douchebag? Oh no, my friends, The Rocket is still chasing the youngin’s. We obtained evidence by digging through the metaphorical “dumpster” that is Miley Cyrus’ facebook and myspace pages proving she has had a torrid affair with the aging hall-of-famer. The child star, better known as her stage name, Hannah Montana, has written several myspace blog entries detailing the tawdry romance, below is one of them: > > OMG, I am so DONE with high school boys! Rog is soooo wonderful, I <3 him sooooo much! Last night, he took me to dairy queen, my fav! :p And then we totally had unprotected consensual sex!!!!!!!!!11 The Rocket rox!!!!!!!11

Is it possible Clemens is just using Cyrus to get to her dad, Billy Ray? Only time will tell.

Further bulletins as events warrant.

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