As I watch Ohio State take on USC and Alabama play Florida International I've realized something great. Penn State is ranked 7th in the AP polls and has already won. Number 5 Oklahoma State has already lost to Houston. USC #3 is down 10-7 to Ohio State #8 and Alabama #4 only leads 20-14 late in the 3rd. What if USC loses and so does Alabama? With Ole Miss not playing Penn State could very well jump to number 2 (or 3 if Ohio State jumps them).

Ohio State loses in Beaver Stadium and Penn State plays Florida for a national championship. The stars have aligned over Happy Valley in my mind, but will it happen? The best team Penn State plays is Ohio State and that's at home. Then it's on to Michigan State as the last game of the year. Last year Penn State beat up on Michigan State 49-18 and now MSU is without Jevon Ringer. A perfect season and shot at a national championship are not that far out of reach as some people may believe.

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