OW! OW! OW! Some outfielders crash into walls to stop home runs. Hunter Pence's days of crashing walls will be limited for a while. The Astros outfielder, who finished third in the National League Rookie of the Year voting in 2007, crashed into a sliding door at his spring training apartment in Kississimee, Florida, according to the team and ABC affliliate KTRK. At least he wasn't carrying deer meat up a flight of stairs. Now he's going to be of little use to the Astros and Cecil Cooper for at least a week. While this was a bad injury, at least it didn't happen when the team needed him the most, during the season.

Pence hit .322 after being called up from Round Rock in 2007.

He says that the injuries to his shoulder, leg and head weren't as bad as they looked. Thank goodness. He is the future of the Astros, now that a fellow named Craig Biggio is retired. The accident happened when Pence and some friends were in a hot tub and he went to the bathroom but did not notice that someone closed the door. HUH?!?!? Glass is not very forgiving, as I found out in the summer of 1974, when I put my knee on a glass door in Florida. My knee went through the door and before you could say "infield fly rule," I was getting stitched up in a hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida on the 4th of July. Not fun.

At least he's okay. Hunter, a piece of advice. The next time you need to use the hot tub, leave the door open.

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