So stupid.

In hockey and basketball, things are decided properly. Hockey it is sudden death, drop the puck, let a goal decide a winner. Basketball, here's 5 more minutes, go decide a winner. Still haven't? Take 5 more.

Baseball comes in a solid 3rd. Take as many more innings as you need... home team gets last licks as always.

Football (American, that is) is flawed. College gives both teams the ball near the redzone to see who falters. Pro football, the flip of the coin may decide your fate; you can lose the game without ever getting a chance on offense.

But flawed as they may be, at least YOU ARE STILL PLAYING FOOTBALL. Defensive teams can stop offensive teams. So on, so forth.

Soccer is played for 120+ minutes, and then a completely irrelevant mini-game is played to decide a winner. Whichever kickers screw up less or whichever goalies guess right more, win.

Instead of overtime in hoops, lets just stop the game, get both captains to center, have them play a game of horse, and the winner's team wins.

Soccer is the most popular game in the world, someone has to come up with something that makes a little more sense.

- Vegas Dave

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