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This weekend’s release of the Sex and the City movie has chicks everywhere about as giddy as a 12 year old boy who just discovered his dad’s stack of “Tits and Tail” magazine. But for this chick, this weekend isn’t just about Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda. It’s about Reggie, Marques, Deuce, and Will. It’s about Saints minicamp…my first real dose of anything football related in months. So that means, in keeping with the 12 year old boy analogy, this weekend is like finding that “Tits and Tail” magazine, discovering the world of online porn, and unlocking the parental code on an adult movie channel…all in a matter of hours. Oh yeah, I’ve got some major movie/minicamp wood!

In honor of my neurotic and fictional heroine played by fashion goddess Sarah Jessica Parker, I thought I’d approach my preview of minicamp weekend “Carrie Bradshaw” style. (To the male readers, I can guarantee this will be about football, not relationships. But I can’t guarantee that it won’t make you puke.)

Voiceover: As I sat on my sofa, scarfing down homemade guacamole and contemplating a second glass of sangria, I started thinking about the men in my life and the choices they’d made. Reggie insisted on prancing about the line of scrimmage instead of looking for and following his blockers then attacking the hole. Will and Marques for some reason wouldn’t sign their contracts, encouraging my suspicions they had a fear of commitment. And while I tried to stay positive about my future with Sedrick, Randall and Jon, I couldn’t help but wonder…

Was this team finally tired of playing with my emotions and ready to play ball?

Even though I had laid my cards on the table, Will Smith and Marques Colston were still holding back. The good news is, they’ll be reporting for mandatory mini-camp. The bad news, they planned to go with their contracts still unsigned. Sure I had faith that we both wanted the same things, but would that be enough to overcome the obstacles still in our way?

Then there was the issue of… “the other man.” Agent Joel Segal pledged to handle the messy contract talks and let his players focus on football. Still, I had a sick feeling this fight over green would leave me seeing red come football season.

{Insert gratuitous sex scene with Samantha here } Meanwhile, Jon Vilma seems more than ready to prove he can be the man I need him to be. According to Sports Weekly, he was spotted at Offseason Training Activities walking and running without a limp or protective knee sleeves. Still, I know looks can be deceiving and it's way too early in this relationship to trust that all those old wounds have truly healed. I yearn to see Jon, Marques, and the other men in my life getting back to the things that made me fall in love with them to begin with. After so many months of distance, uncertainty, and longing, it’s finally time to reconnect. I know it’s just the beginning, but my heart tells me this mini camp could have a giant impact on our football future. (Oh c' was kinda cute, right? No?  Alright, proceed to vomitting...)  

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