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Boy how things change. It seemed like only yesterday the Pats were intentionally tanking a season finale game to the Dolphins just so they could face the Jaguars. Now the Jags are one of the hottest teams in the NFL, an upset brewing??? Read on my friends read on...

Jacksonville(12-5) are coming off of their last minute victory over the Steelers even though they led but 18 at one point. The Patriots spent the bye week collecting post season awards, Belichick won Coach of the Year, while Brady won NFL MVP, AP Offensive Player of the Year, and Mack of the Year, after moving up to second all time for most chicks banged by a professional athlete, second only to Wilt Chamberlain. According to the "experts" any time you almost lose a game to an underdog opponent that means a blueprint was laid out, and if all teams copy exactly what the last team did except for the mistakes they can win.

Jacksonville's Blueprint: They give up large leads, Fred Taylor has Playoffphobia, DO NOT KICK TO MJD, Rashean Mathis is good but can only guard one guy, Jack Del Rio doesn't believe in punting either. Unfortunately for the Pats their blueprint leaked in week 9....

New England Blueprint: Brady doesn't like getting hit, Don't turn the ball over, Randy Moss is good, Don't settle for field goals

But enough sarcasm, here's the nitty gritty preview: Jacksonville is a run-dominated team, Garrard likes to scramble as well. This is good for keeping Brady off the field. The Jags secondary is very suspect and look for the Patriots to come out firing, Maroney might take the first half off unless weather plays a role. Be wary of Jabar Gaffney, he been in the background when Brady chased the record but now look for him to thrive against the 3rd-4th string CB. The key for Jacksonville defense is to collapse the pocket, this frustrates the Pats offense and makes Brady throw the ball when he isn't ready to, often leading to overthrows. Try to disguise the blitz, for the past 5-6 games, the strategy has been Blitz Brady and its safe to say the Pats have seen them all, when Brady sees the blitz, he will hit Welker in the slot and he'll do the rest.

When the Jags have the ball, don't be afraid to go deep, especially against Ellis "I'd rather get the pass interference than get burned" Hobbs. Don't be afraid to use the whole playbook, maybe a trick play here and there keep the Pats on their toes, and I want to be entertained. Tell Fred Taylor to grow a pair, because MJD cannot do it alone and the last thing you want is for David Garrard to try to finish the game, ask Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, AJ Feeley, and Kyle Boller what happens. The Patriots defense, it's simple: stop the run.

I hope that this ends up a great game, but I don't see it. The D and O lines cancel each other out which likely means, Garrard and Brady will be upright most of the game and if it comes to a shootout, its Garrard-Williams against Brady-Moss, who do you pick. Patriots 35 Jaguars 17

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