The second of my Quarterfinal Preview is the Western Conference, anyone can win it out here, I will predict the winners and i will share my sleeper players for each team.

Western Conference Quarterfinals

#1 Detroit Red Wings 54-21-7, 115 pts vs. #8 Nashville Predators 41-32-9, 91 pts

Overall does Nashville actually stand a chance against the beast of the west, yes if they can use their four 20+ Goal scorers and they can get physical and get under the skin of the Red Wings also every team has a weakness and the Wings is can Dominik Hasek stay consistent in net and can the Wings stay healthy.

Sleeper Player for Detroit: Johan Franzen
Sleeper Player for Nashville: Jan Hlavac

Prediction: Red Wings over Predators in 6

#2 San Jose Sharks 49-23-10 108 pts vs. #7 Calgary Flames 42-30-10, 94 pts

Yes I'm a Flames fan and you might say I'm just picking them because of that, but I'm confident they can win this series if... they use the body just like they did during the season, they have the secondary scoring so use it, use the experience they have on this team and i have a feeling Dion Phaneuf will get to know Joe Thornton very well this series. For the Sharks to win they just need to keep on playing like they have been they last 2 months and don't be afraid to throw the body and drop the gloves.

Sleeper Player for San Jose: Devin Setoguchi
Sleeper Player for Calgary: Matthew Lombardi

Prediction: Flames over Sharks in 7

#3 Minnesota Wild 44-28-10, 98 pts vs. #6 Colorado Avalanche 44-31-7, 95 pts

This series could come down to who can stay healthy the longest and that could be tough seeing that these teams love to hit, for the Wild to win they'll have to continue playing there great defensive hockey and get some good secondary scoring, for the Avs to win they'll have to play like the Avs of the past use there speed and physical play to exploit the strong Wild trap.

Sleeper Player for Minnesota: Mikko Koivu
Sleeper Player for Colorado: Wojtek Wolski

Prediction: Avalanche over Wild in 7

#4 Anaheim Ducks 47-27-8, 100 pts vs. #5 Dallas Stars 45-30-7, 97 pts

Surprising or not i can really see the Stars giving the defending champs a run, the Ducks have the worst scoring out of the 16 teams in this years playoffs, key losses can be blamed for that and can Jean-Sebastien Giguere stay healthy, as for the Stars they have been on slide for about the last month ever since they were within at least 5 points of 1st place in the West also they need there top scorer in Mike Riberio to show up and be the scorer they need against a good defensive team like the Ducks.

Sleeper Player for Anaheim: Samuel Pahlsson
Sleeper Player for Dallas: Brad Winchester

Prediction: Ducks over Stars in 7

Can't wait for it all to begin in about an hour so again thanks for reading and feel free to disagree and make your own predictions

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