So...Adam "Pacman" Jones has proclaimed himself ready to play football again now that he's on the straight and narrow. Sounds good. He also indicated he'd like to play for Dallas.

I think that the Mean Machine is a better choice. I think the guards are ready for a rematch. Or maybe the Raiders. He'd fit in well there. At least he'd have friends in the stands.

I wonder if Marvin Lewis would be interested? Maybe Pacman could serve the Bengals in a kind of consultant-like fashion. Show the guys there how an NFL player is supposed to act.

I'm sure that Roger Goodell can't wait to have a chat with this upstanding young man. He could be the new face of the NFL. A friendly face to project to the fans. Someone for the kids to emulate. He's just what an image-conscious league like the NFL needs.

Originally Posted on on March 7th.

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