Hi, Thank you for reading my article.  This article is about Pablo Sandoval vs. J.A. Happ.  Hope you enjoy my article!  Feel free to add comments, I am open to any advice or agreement.

I have been thinking lately that J.A. Happ is getting a lot of attention for NL Rookie of the Year, and Pablo Sandoval has not been getting the  attention he should be getting.  I mean J.A. Happ has been putting up great numbers, like how he has not been defeated this year with a 7-0 record, 2.68 ERA, and 68 K's.  Pablo Sandoval is putting up monster numbers this year to with 15 HRs, 56 RBIs, .326 Average.  He is a great player with a lot of potential.  I am not taking anything away from J.A. Happ, but I believe they race should be a little bit closer.

You Vote Best Rookie in the NL

  • J.A. Happ
  • Pablo Sandoval

(Also he is not mentioned but Tommy Hanson is doing very well too.)

Just vote in your comments

Thank you,

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