Last weekend, Eight Belles lost her life when both of her front ankles were broken in the Kentucky Derby. Now PETA, the same people who think meat is murder, is tossing their two cents in, calling for jockey Gabriel Saez to be suspended, contending he should have noticed an injury and pulled the horse up rather than applied the whip and also announced plans to protest the Kentucky Horse Racing Authority on Tuesday, arguing for major changes, including a ban on using the whip or racing horses younger than 3.

This is the same group of zealots that want us to stop eating meat, ban hunting and stop drinking milk. Pamela Anderson Lee is also a member of these zealots. And to think I was actually going to buy that tape of her and Tommy Lee.

PETA, here's my suggestion to you. KISS MY ASS!

Did you ever stop to think that the problem with Eight Belles could be genetic? No, left up to you, everyone in America would be forced to eat nuts and berries and have brittle bones.

Here's my suggestion. Why don't we put you on a desert island somewhere in the Pacific, surrounded by sharks. Then maybe you'll leave the hunters, meat eaters, milk drinkers and those that love horses and horse racing alone.

PETA also suggested that whips be banned. I have to disagree, even though I have only been on a horse three times in my entire life. When you have 10+ horses that close to each other, not having a whip means that you have no control over something that weighs about 1200 pounds (give or take). Let's solve the problems with breeding these animals first. Granted, there is some abuse, I will grant you that. Eight Belles, from what I've heard, is a decendant of Barbaro, which could be part of the problem. We have to be part of the solution. Banning horse racing isn't the answer. The sport has been going on since humankind domesticated the horse. Deal with it.

Be part of the solution, PETA. Not the problem.

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