Mock Madness Round 3! Vote here in the comments by the 27th.

(1) Coin Flip Three point percentage (18)
(8) Women's tourney seed Graduation rate of athletes (23)
(12) College Humor power ranking Cheerleader's uniforms (6)
(4) Google fight Magic Eight Ball (3)

Yeah I know, Drawn from a Hat got bounced. It sucks.I had them in my final four, just like Duke. *cries* Remember this is to decide how you want me to pick my 2009 brackets.

<pollembed title="Mock Madness 2008 quarter final 1: Which method should I use to pick my 2009 NCAA Bracket?"></pollembed>

<pollembed title="Mock Madness 2008 quarter final 2:"></pollembed>

<pollembed title="Mock Madness quarter final 3:"></pollembed>

<pollembed title="Mock Madness 2008 quarter final 4:"></pollembed>

Note: To those who have already voted, your vote has already been counted please do not vote again this round. This only applies to the first two comments.

Also there will be other votes added into these poll results from other places on the internet.

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