After the STUNNING success of the first round how could I not continue?

We're down to 16 horrible concepts, one of which will be the method I use to pick my March Madness brackets for 2009. Write your votes into the comments!

The matchups are:

(1) Coin Flip Drawn from a hat (2)
(16) Free throw percentage Three point percentage (18)
(24) My favorites Graduation rate of athletes (23)
(8) Women's tourney seed Merchandise sales (26)
(5) Mascot fight Cheerleader's uniforms (6)
(12) College Humor power ranking US News Academic Ranking (11)
(13) Famous alumni Tuition (14)
(4) Google fight Magic Eight Ball (3)

Wow, how's the bottom of half of your hat bracket going? Some pretty big upsets there. Let's see what upsets YOU bring to the table in Round 2! Last day of voting is the 22nd!

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