Yet another example of Peter Angelos and the Orioles organization mistreating the fans occurred last Tuesday. Twenty young men and women were escorted out of Camden Yards because they were cheering too loud. No, I'm not joking. This occurred minutes after they were recognized on the big screen for being "Fans of the Game."

Here's the story:

To sum up the story, surrounding Red Sox fans WHO WERE IN ORIOLE PARK AT CAMDEN YARDS complained to an ORIOLE usher that the twenty 20-somethings were cheering too loud and being boisterous. Alcohol was involved, but there was no vulgarity, no punches were thrown, and these kids were just having fun and cheering for their team.

The Orioles, of course, have no comment on the issue. Why? Because they're cowards. They're, AGAIN, dodging an issue without making a formal statement.

As a 22 year old O's fan, this is absolutely enraging. Angelos and company continue to mistreat fans and harm the community. The people at ESPN 1300 AM did not cover this story. MASN did not cover this story. Why? Because they're on the pay roll. Because Angelos owns them too, and God forbid the Orioles get negative coverage.

It's bad enough that we've had to watch bad baseball for ten years. It's bad enough that every time the Yanks or Sox come into town that we're outnumbered in our own stadium. But now, we're being harassed by our own ushers in our own stadium. If I wore Orioles gear to Yankee Stadium and complained to an usher that Yankee fans were being boisterous, what would they say? They would tell me to sit down and shut up or eject me themselves.

I have personally experienced a similar situation at The Yard. While I was attending a game last summer with three of my friends, we were engaging in a little HVAC activity (high-velocity alcohol consumption). We were being loud and rooting for the O's against the Yankees. By the third or fourth beer, we were surrounded by 4 ushers with jackets that said "Alcohol Enforcement Team" on the back. They started asking us questions as to where we were before the ball game. They ILLEGALLY insisted on searching my girlfriends' purse. They checked all of our IDs. We were allowed to stay, but we were watched like hawks the entire game and told to "keep it down."

The team is improving, but Camden Yards, the most beautiful ball park in the country, will continue be empty on summer nights as long as this crap continues. Surrounding businesses who count on the ball park for customers will continue to suffer, and the Orioles will continue to lose.

I am so furious I can no longer type. I just wanted to let everyone know about another terrible injustice by the worst organization in pro sports. An organization that used to be the pinnacle of the baseball world is now a complete joke.

Please, read the article, and also check out for continuing coverage as this story unravels. Don't trust other Baltimore media outlets to be honest about this because everyone fears King Peter. Now excuse me while I go throw up.

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