In reply to Jemele Hill’s “Myron Rolle’s sad draft fall.” 

In Hill’s article, she implies that Rolle is the 2010 NFL Draft biggest snub.  She goes on to say that Rolle was selected as the last pick of the 6th round (207th) by the Tennesse Titans as a result of his intellectual capabilities. 

In all due respect, Rolle did in fact graduate in 2.5 years and became a Rhodes Scholar.  However, his freefall in the draft was not a direct result of his intellectual capabilities nor his great character assets.  His fall had everything to do with his playing abilities. 

Rolle was a starting safety for the Florida State Seminoles.  During his collegiate career, he accumulated 207 tackles, one fumble and one interception.  When his numbers are broken down even further one can see why he went so low and it leaves some to wonder how he was drafted in the first place. 

In 2006, Rolle had 77 tackles.  Out of his 77 tackles, 46 came with assistance.  Therefore, 66% of his tackles came as a result of a teammate.   In his freshman year, he also garnered his lone interception.

In 2007, he had 68 tackles and 31 of those tackles were assisted. 

In 2008, Rolle accumulated 62 tackles, in which 21 of thoses tackles help was needed.

Rolle is a walking, talking genuis but he doesn’t or can not use his talent to take in information as a football player.  How can someone have the ability to read a defense superbly and not be able to intercept the ball more often during a game?

It is as if Spider Man didn’t know how to use his web effects.  It is as if Super Man didn’t know how to properly place on his cape. Why have this amazing talent to learn more than others if you can’t stop what you know is coming?

Rolle’s fall in the draft was a result of his on the field play.  It was nothing but subpar.  In fact, as he got closer to the Rhodes Scholar and as ever year came and went, his numbers decreased.  Heralded as a star high school player, lauded as an intellectual, Rolle should focus on something he cares about completely.  As a football player in the NFL, football should be one of the first priorties and not a professional hobby.

In the end, Rolle and Hill are propagating false standards. Players aren’t drafted on their SAT scores, but they are drafted mainly on their skill levels.  On some ocassions, they are simply drafted to sell jerseys i.e Sam Bradford and Tim Tebow.  However, they are never drafted based on how much they desire to excel everywhere other than the football. 

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