Everyone knows that Linden as a two way, power forward but many don't know as how much he meant to the organization to the Vancouver Canucks. He never won a cup with the Vancouver Canucks but he won the hearts of many canucks fans with his amazing community work outside of hockey. As many of us hockey fans do know is that many players don't have a formal education beyond their high school years like Linden but he is one of the most articulate and thoughtful players in the NHL. He has demonstrated on his amazing leadership skills for these amazing 19 years. He is one of the most recognizable leaders and will always be recognize as one of the best players in the NHL. So what if he didn't win a cup, he won the hearts of many people in the heart of Vancouver and respectably in the NHL.

Linden was the face of the franchise - and its heart and conscience - for most of the last two decades. There will be better players, but possibly not a better person. And no athlete here will be able to match the enduring strength and personal nature of Linden's bond to this city and its fans, which is why his retirement announcement today will be as poignant as it is expected. Twenty years to the day after he was drafted second over-all, Linden is leaving the National Hockey League at age 38. There will not be another like him, at least for the Canucks. [1]   Now on after 19 seasons in the NHL, Linden will announce his retirement at a news conference in Vancouver on June 11, 2008. After he retires, Linden is expected to take a break from the game that has dominated his life. As savvy in business as he was on the ice, Linden helped develop a real-estate project last year in West Point Grey and is working on another one now in Victoria. Regardless of what he does for a living, it's hard to imagine Linden quitting his community. 16 - Years as a Canuck 1 9-Years in the NHL

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