Hey Fans,

Yes, it happened yet again.

Larry Brown gets to coach yet another professional hoops team, in addition to the several college teams he coached - and didn't coach, more on that later.

I've followed Larry Brown's career, since as an impressionable young boy, Larry Brown walked into my elementary school classroom and where, before he left (maybe that's where it started!) he let me touch his Olympic Gold Medal he had won just weeks prior. It was a thrill that will last forever.

But, over the years, and the incredible number of jobs, it has been tough to be a Larry Brown fan. It all started when he signed on to coach Davidson, it was to be his first head coaching job. Yes, that Davidson, which just won a friend of mine a few hundred bucks, after he picked Davidson as his Dark Horse in the March Madness Pool.

I do want to defend Larry if I may. First and foremost, he is in the Basketball Hall of Fame. He has also: won over 1,000 NBA games . . . only person to coach 7 teams into the NBA playoffs . . . only coach to win an NCAA and NBA title. He also is the only person to . . . coach two NBA teams in one season and won only a Bronze medal as Olympic coach, due to bad blood between the NBA players and himself. And now back to Davidson. He signed a contract to be their head coach in the Spring and was gone by Summer, for the ABA.

So, all you sports fans who chuckle when they see Larry Brown has signed on to coach one mo' time, the heck with you. Yes, he has an ego, but the man can coach and he loves it - his way. Hey, he has a beautiful young wife and young children at home, what does he need the NBA life for at his age? Because he's a coach and that's what coaches do. They coach. Give the guy a break. I've been doing it now for over 40 years.


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