One of the many headlines surrounding last night's National Championship game between the Memphis Tigers and Kansas Jayhawks was UNC Tar Heels Head Coach, Roy Williams, showing up supporting a Kansas turtleneck. And, of course, ESPN made a federal case out of the whole situation, and dedicated an entire show on it (not really, but it sure does sound like ESPN, doesn't it?). Well, in case you have been living under a rock for the past 3 weeks, Memphis collapsed in the last minute or two, missing 4 of 5 free throw attempts in the last 1:15 of regulation. The game went to OT after Kansas' Junior Guard, Mario Chalmers, who played all 40 minutes and scored 18 points, hit a 3-point jumper with 9 seconds to go. Kansas dominated in OT, outscoring the struggling Tigers 12-5, to capture the Title with a 75-68 victory, shocking Memphis and their fans in the Alamo Dome.

So, now that I got that out of the way, it's on to the whole point I wrote this article: To bash Skip Bayless to no end. Skip made his usual appearance on 1st and 10, a show that comes on ESPN every weekday afternoon at 2:30 PM ET. The host of the show, Dana Jacobson, asked Skip, and whoever that was opposite him, if it was "OK" that Williams showed up wearing a Kansas shirt. I have NO problem whatsoever with anyone in the sports world that supports another team at a game (because you never know the whole story, he could be best friends with a player on the team, or he could have grown up a fan), by the way. But, Skip, said it was right for him to do so, saying he was just being anti-Calipari, who made inappropriate comments about some "things". I agree with Skip that there is absolutely nothing wrong with Williams wearing a Kansas shirt, but this is the same guy that said Lebron was stupid for wearing a Yankees hat to a Yankees game. Say what?! Towards the end of the 2007 baseball season, LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers small forward, was seen at a Yankees game in a Yankees cap. So? What the hell is wrong with that?! Well, everyone but ESPN saw it as no big deal, but for some reason Skip didn't like it.


Roy Williams, shown in a Kansas turtleneck, got more publicity than the actual Jayhawks. Does this surprise anyone?

Do not ask me why he didn't like it, because I don't think anyone knows why. LeBron plays a whole different sport, plus, he said in a press conference later, that he grew up a fan of the Yankees. Yet Skip still had a problem with it, and didn't have a very good reason, in fact, I don't even think he really said why he disagreed. I am pretty sure that he is just a LeBron hater all together. He just seemed to hate on him even when he leads the Cavs to a stunning victory in OT, or has back-to-back Triple-double games.

Ok, enough about Skip, let's talk Basketball.

I personally congratulate the Kansas Jayhawks, who I had losing to Wisconsin (who let me down ONCE AGAIN! I guess I won't be picking them to go far next year). Bill Self did a very nice job coaching these guys to a championship, and keeping his composure even after being down 9 with just under 2 minutes to go last night. Although, it did help alot that Memphis seemed to miss FT after FT.

But, not all is well in Kansas today, unfortunately (for them!). Kansas Jayhawk CB, Aqib Talib, who is projected to be a first round pick in this year's NFL draft, admitted to NFL teams that he failed multiple drug tests for marijuana while in College, along with Michigan wideout, Marion Manningham, also a projected first rounder. We shall find out later on whether or not that will affect his draft.

Congratulations Kansas!!!

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