Daily Topics:

Topic #1: What is wrong with our lawmakers? First, they try to force propositions on us in every election, so that they can't get blamed for making a serious decision (i.e. Clean Water Act in Minnesota) and now Congressman Joe Barton (R) of Texas has decided it is Congress's job to pass legislation for a College Football Playoff. We are in a tough economic time yet this guy decides to find time to worry about this. Is the BCS perfect...No! Is the BCS Working...No! But is it Congress's job to decide how the NCAA decides its National Championship...No! Worry about politics and not things that aren't really that important.

<a href="">Bill Would Force College Football Playoff-ESPN</a>

Topic #2 I have read and heard people bash C.C. Sabathia for being a sellout and taking $161 Million and running to the Yankees. Sorry people... it isn't CC's fault. I want one person to honestly tell me that if they were offered $161 Million they would turn it down. It is really teams like the Yankees that should be criticized. If teams didn't offer this much money, players wouldn't be inclined to take it. Now the Yankees are trying to sign A.J. Burnett for a boatload of money and go from there... unfortunately neither pitcher is a proven playoff pitcher and they still have to find a way to beat the Sox and Rays.

<a href="">Sabathia, Yanks Agree To Deal</a>

Topic #3: What are the Phoenix Suns Doing? Remember a few years ago, Mike D'Antoni was leading a Steve Spurrier like offense in Phoenix. The team was led by Steve Nash, Shawn Marion and Amare Stoudemire. They won a lot of games, put up a lot of points and were a fun team to watch. Then... everything changed. Steve Kerr took over, Marion was traded for Shaq, D'Antoni was let go and the team slowed down. Now the Suns trade their only defender, Raja Bell (and Boris Diaw) for Jason Richardson (and Jared Dudley). I also don't agree with this move because Richardson will take minutes away from Leandro Barbosa one of the Suns' better scorers. They have gone from a top-tier to middle of the road Western Conference Team...Sorry Phoenix

<a href="">Suns Get High Scoring Richardson From 'Cats</a>

Topic #4: How comfortable would you be with T-Jack leading your team? This past weekend, Tarvaris Jackson, who was relieved of his starting QB duties in Vikings was put back in for relief duty and came through. Now he will be start this Sunday against the West leading Cardinals. Do you play T-Jack the rest of the way if he succeeds? I say yes. My only doubts are that he plays well enough to get us to the playoffs, wins a playoff game and then is our starter next season... he still is an unproven commodity in the NFL.

Topic #5: Should the Twins trade a Starting Pitcher? I say NO! If anything, I think the Twins should move Michael Cuddyer to 3B, but they won't. If you're gonna make a trade, trade an OF. Otherwise...let's just run with it this year. You have 5 potentially strong Starting Pitchers and let's just see how they do. Play an OF of Cuddyer, Span and Gomez with Young and Kubel filling the DH and backup OF spots. Sign Punto back and play Harris at 3B. Let's just see what happens this year.

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