From: The Sports Point

The University of South Florida is the authority when it comes to stopping Rich Rodriguez's spread offense. Who thinks so? Ohio State for one, they have sent their cornerbacks coach, Taver Johnson, to meet with USF defensive coaches this week in Tampa. The Buckeyes hope to take north with them some of the strategies that helped South Florida beat West Virginia the past two seasons, Rodriguez's former team.

Ohio State is definitely wise in learning the tricks of the trade when it comes to stopping the spread offense. The Buckeyes do not have a good history when it comes to stopping offenses that run that scheme. You might recall when Ohio St. was trounced by Florida in the '06 BCS Championship game by a score of 41-14 and at times looked completely confused by the Gators' formations in their version of the spread offense. Now that Ohio St. will be dealing with the spread on a yearly basis, with Rodriguez now at Michigan, expect their defense to be much improved against the offense in the upcoming years. If for no other reason then that the embarrassment of losing to Michigan year in and year out would be far more shameful then losing one BCS title game. Don't believe that? Ask a Buckeyes fan.

Tressel and the boys are not the only program looking for guidance from the Bulls. Coaches from the staffs at Minnesota, who will be playing Michigan in the Big 10 and Colorado, who play West Virginia this upcoming season, also sought some words of wisdom regarding defending the spread offense. USF has advice to offer (Tampa Bay Online)

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