Well, we made it! It was tough, but it’s finally here! And if you responded to that question with, "What?", well your man card needs to be revoked for life! With the Hall of Fame game being played last night, we can all rejoice…Twiddling our thumbs waiting for football season finally to arrive is finally over! Can I get an AMEN BROTHER!! Now true, we see more intense competition on a Pop Warner field than we saw in Canton last night, but does it really matter? It’s like going to a strip club for the very first time…The way Bambi & Candi look, well it’s really not of a major concern! There’s more important things on the mind!

Speaking of things on the mind, now that football season is long last upon us…It’s time to review our game plans as well! Hell the players who we watch on weekends in the fall aren’t the only ones who have to get their shit together…We as fans have to get focused in, too! Thus, it’s the perfect time to do so!

Now there’s not anything that we wouldn’t do to see our favorite team play in person…Hell, last season I fly 1,200 miles up to South Bend to see Notre Dame and USC. Though, let it be known, I did leave with 13 minutes to go in the third quarter! Nevertheless, we want to see our team…Although given circumstances surrounding the economical times priorities may change! Especially when one has to pay "scalpers prices" on eBay, StubHub, or even Bob the Wino two blocks away from the stadium who tries to get donations to go to his "Crown Royal Charity". Gotta love Bob the Wino…He might be homeless, but he knows how to work the political angle!

A career in political ticketing he might have…Hell, he’d be a perfect fit in the boring ass state of Ohio! Carson Palmer is right!! Anyhow, elected officials have spent more than $400,000 on Buckeyes football tickets since 1996, purchasing hundreds of seats each year through their campaign funds, state records show. Just another instance in many that nobody in the political forum knows what the hell they’re doing…That’s a whole nothing ticket stub!

Getting a load of this! For the upcoming 2008 season, 773 season tickets have been purchased by public officials at the state, county and local levels, according to university data. Most of those were bought by state lawmakers, all 132 of whom are offered four apiece…

"We look at ourselves as a statewide institution, Ohio State spokeswoman Shelly Hoffman said. "Football is a great way to connect with people, so we can then tell them about other things we have going on.'' Whoa, what’d know…A politically correct response indeed! Gee, how nice to see tax dollars among political donations going towards seats on the 50-yard line in The Shoe! Awesome! State representatives turn ticket brokers…And they say politics is dirty. Wonder where they’d get that from?

So lets see here, in the state of Ohio, "Football is a great way to connect with people," thus why political leaders "are in such demand for Suckeye football tickets"…But want happens when these same OSU tix show up on eBay in hopes of making profits? What is that refereed to as? Would love to hear John Widowfield’s thoughts on that! Who’s that political asshole? None other than the shit for brains who suddenly gave his resignation in May…Who’s alleged to have sold tickets he bought with campaign funds on eBay for a profit. So in essence public donations are buying tickets which he sells on eBay with the profits going into his pockets! Outstanding…Gotta love it! Just a question…Where’s Maurice Clarett in all this?

And just goes to show you once again, and sticking with the eBay theme…"You can get anything on eBay!" Even tickets that essentially you help buy for political leaders you can buy them back. Just never mind the dick that’s being shoved up your ass in the process! God Bless America…Peeps struggling to get by, and it’s Land that I get Screwed Over and Over Again, Buy!

Vote in LastRowSports. com Pick'em, which asks which brand of football do you prefer? College or Pro?? Tough Call...And you thought deciding bewteen a blonde or a brunette was difficult enough!

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