Okay, so perhaps I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself here considering the fact that he would love nothing more than to deal with bigger assholes than ESPN has to offer. I’m just throwing this out there as a fall back option, (you know like an insurance policy…"In Case Shit Happens") in case George Wiener Bush the II moves into the White House. Adding just another house to his portfolio.

Sure there’s a lot of questions swirling around whether this cat would be the best guy to run the country…And that remains to be seen. However, just like to point out something…Something real simple! How worse of a job could he do given the shit for brains we’ve had for the past eight long years! Hell, we all thought Kansas City Royals fans had it tough! While that answer remains to be seen, what I do know is that clearly Obama knows what the hell is going on when it comes to the world of sports.

Not afraid to show his grapes and call his home teams out…Spit shit at Cub fans! A feisty fellow! Whose bedtime doesn’t begin at 8 p.m. EST…(COUGH) Tony Kornheiser, (or I guess the same can be said for grampa McCain). So why do I believe Big B.O. would be a good fit to bump T.K. out of the booth and sit next to Jaws? Well here, take a look…

[1] Now of course I’m a bit biased given my Chi-Town roots…However I ask you this. Either way, no matters what happens…Can we lose? It’s like Allstate preaches…You’re in good hands! Who’s your preseason Heisman Trophy Candidate? Tebow, Daniels, White, Wells, Crabtree? Vote now at in the latest Pick’em Poll!

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