We all have our favorite gear that we wear when we play soccer. I'm partial to the Adidas f50.9 Tunit when I'm playing on grass. However, I'm also a big indoor soccer fan, so I've always relied on the Adidas Sambas for comfort and use during a match. Until now.

When I get bored I browse my favorite soccer gear websites. The other day I came across a new design for Nike air zoom control 2 series of indoor soccer shoes. It is their new multi-colored patch design. Not only do these shoes scream "I want attention" but they also fit comfortably and work great on the field. The best part about these shoes is the fact that they are stunning both on the pitch and off. They maximize my performance on the field and keep my kicking accurate, as well as breath so they do not make my feet sweat too much. Because they are futsal, or indoor soccer, shoes I can wear them out in public. They get reactions on occasion, sometimes from the ladies.

The best part? They glow in the dark. Not only are they visible for miles in the light, but the design incorporates a glow-in-the-dark plastic piece that looks totally normal in a lit environment, but in the dark it glows a very awesome and attention demanding green. These are great for your teammates to be able to see you if you're playing in a light-free zone such as a field at night or a futsal court during a power outage. Plus, sports are always more fun when they're played in the dark. I've already bought my own pair of the Nike Air Zoom Control IIs and I love them. Get your own pair here.

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