If you have time...Read This Article by Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post

He says some pretty grueling things: “The Wild's style of play is as ugly and obnoxious as the uniforms, which look as if designed by a toddler who randomly pulled two crayons from the box of 64 and began scribbling.” –At least the “C” on the Wild’s jerseys don’t overlap a line and look awkward.

“It figures. On a play that could have ended on an icing call, a weird, lucky bounce instead allowed the winning goal to be scored by Minnesota's Pierre-Marc Bouchard almost 12 minutes deep into the extra period. The Wild likes overtime, because it gives these grunts more time to knock the spirit from you with every cheap shot.” –In Game 1, Joe Sakic happened to find a puck hit his stick in OT after a deflection and scored. Luck! In Game 2, the Wild’s Keith Carney shot the goal towards the net, it hit a defender…went in. Luck! In game 3, yes we were lucky that the puck didn’t get iced, but we dominated the whole OT period. We got more shots than Colorado and just played tougher.

“When Avs forward Peter Forsberg turns his back, even for a second, he will get jumped and roughed up, in true back-alley fashion, by some Minnesota mugger.” –I think if this guy looked at Gaborik, he would see that he is mugged everytime he gets on the Ice. Oh wait, he can’t see Gaborik because there are 2 or 3 Colorado players mugging him at all times.

“And maybe that explains why Voros felt it necessary to tackle Theodore in the most crass act of Game 3.” –Voros was pushed into Theodore earlier in the game and a goal was negated. This guy also fails to see that Brunette, a great skater, “lost his balance” and fell into Backstrom, giving Sakic an easy goal.

“Minnesota coach Jacques Lemaire, mean enough to chew the glass surrounding the rink, has an unabashed fondness for tough guys.” –Jacques is a nice guy, who makes a lot of funny comments. I also, don’t think this team had a tough guy until Boogaard, and had minimal guys until they signed Voros (a semi-skilled tough guy), Fedoruk (who Jacques has molded into a hockey player) and Simon (who Jacques rarely plays).

“Every videotape of a Minnesota game is film noir,” -Actually buddy, I think the Wild uses high quality color video like every other team ☺.

I think that this mans, class-less article is unprofessional, for a professional media member. I hope that Jacques takes some of his “mean enough to chew glass” and “noir” attitude, to lash out at this guy and put him in his place.


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