Well, at least Suzy Kolber won't have Joe Namath to hit on her this time. ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports, is relieving Michele Tafoya and Suzy Kolber of their duties on Monday Night Football in 2008.

Both women served as sideline reporters. Tafoya worked in the same role with ABC when the ESPN sister company last aired MNF.  Kolber likewise reported from the field with ESPN’s former Sunday night package. ' When the Monday night broadcast moved to ESPN for a whopping $1.1 billion per year, Kolber and Tafoya were both assigned to the show.

Personally, I wouldn't minded them one bit. Hell, why look at Tony Kornheiser (who while he is a fine writer and great host for PTI, is about as attractive as a head of cabbage) all the time when you've got that for eye candy? Come on, ESPN. Have a change of heart. There are some of us that like the sideline stories and interviews with the coaches at halftime.


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