The Jets had a record 10,500 fans attend practice at Hofstra University today, many of them wearing the jersey of their newest hero, as Brett Favre took his first snaps and threw his first passes as a New York Jet today. He reportedly received a standing ovation which continued from him running out on the field and taking snaps from Nick Mangold. Brett was surprised, as he stated on, about how effective he was, completing many passes including a 40 yarder to Jerricho Cotchery that received many oohs and ahs from the fans.

"I was really surprised that today I was as effective as I was, and I'm not saying that that was good," he said. "I'm just saying I was able to take a snap, call a play, we were able to break a huddle and I was able to complete passes in some sort of rhythm."

As expected, coach Mangini named him the starter for the game against the Redskins next Saturday night. Favre will know enough of the plays to be effective, but knows that the road ahead will take a lot of work.

"I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I've got this offense down, that I know every guy in the locker room or they know me," Favre said. "It's a routine and I'm just kind of following them. That's different for me."

In other news, linebacker David Harris returned to the practice field today and not a moment too soon. Brad Kassell was placed on injured reserve so the team was a little short at the linebacker position.

And most importantly, AJ Schable, who was carted off the field in a scary incident towards the end of the game on Thursday night, was well enough to fly home with the team and is doing much better.

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