The New York Mets failed to provide run support and that led to a 3-0 loss to the St Louis Cardinals. The series is tied up 1-1 with two games remaining.
Amd jerry-manuel

Mets starting pitcher Livan Hernandez pitched seven innings and allowed three earned runs with three strikeouts and three walks. Hernandez suffered his second defeat on the season, which brings him to 5-2 with a 4.05 ERA.

Everyone in the Mets lineup went hitless, except second baseman Luis Castillo and center fielder Jeremy Reed. The Mets didn't get their first hit until the ninth inning.

Cardinals starting pitcher Joel Pineiro pitched a complete game, allowing two runs and had one strikeout.

Cardinals second baseman Skip Schumaker, Pineiro and shortstop Brendan Ryan scored the Cardinals three runs.

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