New York Mets general manager Omar Minaya didn't make any trades at the trade deadline to improve the Mets this season. Does this sound like a sign? Giving up and planning for next season.

It wasn't surprising not hearing the Mets involved in any trade rumors when the trade deadline was approaching. Minaya gave nobody any cool about their plain on trades.

Seeing the Philadelphia Phillies trading for Cliff Lee, which was a matter of time of when he was heading out of Cleveland. This locks up the the NL East and puts the Mets to rest.

The wild card is still possible, but even that looks hard for them to accomplish. Minaya not making any moves to make a run at the wild card, just tells everyone that the Mets are not planning on succeeding this season.

There weren't any distractions for Minaya. The Adam Rubin incident had nothing to do with Minaya putting the Mets to rest at the trade deadline.

The Mets don't have any attractive players and their not willing to trade any of the minor league stars. Despite winning five of their last six games, there's still a long way to go for a post-season push.

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