Here is my opinion and prediction for every New Years Day game and all the BCS games.


  • Wisconsin vs Tennessee Although I am a Big Ten fan and will be rooting for Wisconsin I think Tennessee will win this game. Mainly because Wisconsin is not that good, PJ Hill is overrated and Wisconsin really didn't beat anybody. Yes they beat Michigan, but Henne was hurt for that game. Tennessee was playing better at the beginning and the end of the year and will win today. Tennessee 31-17
  • Arkansas vs Missouri This is a little tougher to call. I like Missouri but a letdown is possible due to missing the BCS. And according to College Gameday they have routinely gotten beaten down in the second half by good physical teams which Arkansas is. But I don't believe Arkansas can keep up with the Tigers in the first half so I am going Missouri. Missouri 34-24
  • Florida vs Michigan Come on now, it's definitely Florida. There is noway in my opinion that Michigan can keep up with Tebow and co. This game doesn't need much more analysis. Florida 38-20
  • Texas Tech vs Virginia Another tough won. Both teams had decent years and are good at opposite things. UVa is a solid defensive team and Texas Tech is obviously an explosive offense. I have a hard time choosing ACC teams over Big 12 teams so I am going Texas Tech. Texas Tech 42-31
  • Illinois vs USC Tough game for Illinois playing in the Rose Bowl against the Trojans but could be a surprise game. USC is arguably the most talented team in the country but are they a good enough TEAM? The talent is obvious but they haven't put it all together yet this year. Illinois with Juice Williams is a good team that could surprise the Trojans. I don't think so though. Trojans 27-14
  • Hawaii vs Georgia This game could get interesting as far as high scoring goes. Both teams are incredible on offense, each in different ways. Hawaii obviously the passing team and Georgia the great running team. The equalizer is that Moreno is not 100% for Georgia. I think the offensive specialties cancel each other out and Georgia is a better passing team than Hawaii is at running and Georgia's D is better. So I am going Bulldogs here. Georgia 38-34
  • Oklahoma vs West Virginia Rodriquez is gone from WVU and Stoops is still at OU. Should be easy pick, right? Not quite. I think the WVU players are going to be trying to prove something to their former coach and the country. OU better be ready for a fight. They should be considering they were shocked last year against Boise. I like the Sooners to show up ready and able. Oklahoma 31-21
  • Virginia Tech vs Kansas Va Tech is probably a little bothered that they didn't get a Title bid and Kansas is just happy to be in the BCS. In other words, the Hokies have something to prove and Kansas doesn't. But I said before I can't take ACC over Big 12 so.....I take Kansas in a surprisingly good game. Kansas 28-17
  • Ohio State vs LSU Les Miles vs Jim Tressel, Big 10 vs SEC. Unfair advantage of the year, LSU at HOME in BCS Championship game. Is it fair?? Hell no. Does it matter?? Hell no. Ohio State in an UPSET!!! Ohio State 24-14

There you go, watch the games and remember my picks, I will be right!  I will follow this up after the games to go over all my right answers. There won't be any wrong ones so don't worry about them.

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