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Hello Everyone,

As you might have noticed, we have made some changes around the site. In addition to tweaks to the homepage and user profiles, we've done a lot of under the hood stuff that I won't bore you with.

The Opinion pages have been completely revamped. However, this will only affect opinions created after this change. Due to previous formatting and a few technical reasons, we decided to only apply this new style going forward (the URLs with "Article:" before the title make this distinction).

Note: The left hand column will automatically display information about the author of the article (or multiple if its collaborative).

  • Pulls blurb from "About Me" section onto the page (so if you wanted to give a constant link to your blog)
  • Displays last few articles you've written (again, it will only give the recent posts going forward, so everyone's will be blank to start off with).

We have a few minor things to fix, but please let us know if there any problems or have any questions (I'm sure Alex will call me out in the Lockerroom :P ).

DP, DNL, and Awrigh01.

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