Sam Zell hasn't had control of the Tribune and the Chicago Cubs a year and already he wants to change the name of the piece of land on the corners of Waveland and Sheffield. That piece of land? Wrigley Field. Right now, Mr. Zell is the most hated person in Chicago, other than Al Capone and Mrs. O'Leary. What if all of a sudden the Vatican wanted to change its name? Or if the Grand Canyon wanted to not call itself grand. I can just hear Harry Caray turning in his grave.

Mr. Zell, I have one piece of advice for you. Before those loyal Cubs fans that live in the Wrigleyville area and Cubs fans burn you in effigy, leave the name of the field alone! The Friendly Confines of the Chicago Tribune doesn't roll off the tounge. It's not broken, don't fix it! If you want to sell the team, that's fine. But changing the name of the ballpark is totally un-American and borders on heresy!


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