This one's for I appreciate the visits and comment (one of my rare comments). I decided to dedicate a blog to you guys, and this is my Navy Offense Remix. I've added a couple of plays that I had left out before, mainly because of the time element and the length. I try not to write dissertations, even if my favorite blogger does (she knows who she is).


This is the toss off of a counter motion. The right wing will fake a motion to draw the opponent towards a run to the left side. This is usually something you would work into your gameplan after showing a tendency to toss towards the side that you're motioning to. The wing would fake-motion left, and as soon as the ball is snapped would cut off the corner on his side. The tailback is going to catch a toss and run the ball on a sweep to the outside. Easy enough of a play to figure out.


Crossbuck gets more interesting. Your right wing is going to come in motion, and at the snap of the ball will lead block for the left wing back off of a fake to the fullback. The mesh point (hand off) will take place just outside of the left guard. There is a combo on the nose at the point of attack, much like on a typical iso. The wing (ball carrier) will come through the B gap and look to bounce outside to where there are less defenders at the second level.


This is a typical X-Reverse. The right wing will counter motion, but will continue his flow to help block the backside. The QB will fake to the FB here, and pitch out to the X coming around on the reverse. This play is easily set up by the high-motion/toss play you saw in part I. The blocking scheme is fairly simple.


This is a sample passing tree, but it gives you an idea of what positions will run which routes. The Y is the Tight End, for those who do not know. The HB is the 'halfback' or here the wingback. and the X is the wide receiver. The wing backs tend to run a lot of wheel plays, slants, post-corner and corner-to-post routes. The X will run just about anything from hitches to corner routes.

Hopefully this additional information is of assistance to your learning of Paul Johnson's offense. While this is not his exact offense or even taken directly from his playbook. It is in the same vain of the flexbone that is/was ran/run at Navy. Expect to see the fullback get a ton of carries, as well as the wings, and see the X-receiver involved in reverses, jet sweeps, and being a solid possession receiver. The QB will often rollout on waggle plays to work off the running plays in the series.

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