By Redsox!

Over the off-season, the Nats aquirred 2 veteran catchers to replace Brian Schneider: Paul Lo Duca and Johnny Estrada. Both are proven fielders and contact hitters. However, a cloud of contreversy now surrounds Lo Duca after his naming in the Mitchell Report, not to mention the fact that he is aging. Expect him to fade in offensive and most likely deffensive production next year. Estrada, however, is in his peak and coming off a quality '07 with the Brewers, in which he hit .278 with 10 homers, and fielded with a .993 percentage. After a season like that, I find it surprising that Estrada is penciled in as back-up to Lo Duca. While Lo Duca has great knowledge and experience of the position, I think he would do better as a back-up. This would allow Estrada to play every day and not lose his talent. Lo Duca is aging, and should not be starting when a better alternative is available.

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