by Allan.Woodstrom

North Dakota State University will take on the University of Minnesota in football this Saturday in Minneapolis. The Bison faithful are flooding the phone lines on the Twin Cities local talk radio stations. Other media local media outlets are paying close attention, as well. This much I figured, but with a number one ranking in FCS football (formerly I-AA) the team is also receiving some well deserved national attention.

“Our guys in our program are starving for national recognition,” said Craig Bohl, NDSU head coach, during his Monday press conference.

I wish I could say that this type of attention could be garnered through academia, but the fact of the matter is that a whole lot of people care more about sports than breakthroughs in organic chemistry.

Highlighting the week’s media coverage was an article on the front of the USA Today sports section. That was followed by a few articles on the Bison on

Here are some links to some stories I found:

USA Today Article: ESPN/AP Article: ESPN/AP Article:

If you know of any nationally published articles I may have missed, please share them with me or leave a comment. Go Bison!

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