The National Hockey League liked the idea of an outdoor game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Buffalo Sabres January 1st. They liked the idea so much that they may do it again in Chicago in a site that is known for ivy and Ernie Banks. The Chicago Blackhawks, one of the original six teams in the league, are on the league's sort short list for teams that may partake in an outdoor game in the near future. The plan was for the Blackhawks to play at Soldier Field but terms could not be reached.

This might work. The one problem is logistics. Where would you store the rink until it was ready to be put up? Would you have the teams change ends in the middle of the third period like Pittsburgh and Buffalo did? Then you have to take into account the wind. Both the Penguins and Sabres had some problems with the wind and elements in the game New Year's Day. But if the Blackhawks, the NHL, the city of Chicago and the Cubs get their ducks in a row, it might work. Fans would come off the Red Line at Addison Station and be ready for a game. Heck, even Bartman could get in.

It may work. The NHL needs it, the city of Chicago could use the revenue and media exposure and it would be the first non-baseball event at Wrigley since Gale Sayers ran amok for Papa Hallas.

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