Does Anyone Really Care

Does anyone really care about the NHL, or that Sidney Crosby, the adopted son of BIll Cosby (that was a little joke hahaha) is out for up to 8 weeks. I no I don’t! The NHL is brutal, and now this injury to there best player and biggest superstar just puts an exclamation point on the half ass season. I mean I am from Buffalo and I am not going to lie for the past two years everyone in this area, Western New York in particular had a huge boner for the Sabres, because we were good. And I promise you this, that yeah I was a Sabres guy but not until May (for all of you who are wondering why May, thats when the playoffs start in the NHL). But during the regular season for the past two years I could care less. But there were people here that were going nuts for the Sabres.

At one point last season the Sabres had the number 1 selling jersey in the NHL…goalie Ryan Miller (nice guy very nice guy) You know this is understandable and everyone jumped on the band wagon…my point is that if you were not from Buffalo, you could not name 4 guys on our team and we were the best team in the NHL last season. If I were to say, name 4 guys off the best teams in the 3 other major sports…football, basketball, and baseball I would bet alot of money that says you could. (The Patriots, Red Sox’s and Spurs) That is my point, the NHL does not market there teams or players good anymore. I mean now they have some real real good players that can be marketed to do a whole lot for the sport and hopefully bring it up to where it used to be. Because I mean they are right above soccer and we all no how much we care about soccer in America..thank you Freddy Adu, the 35 year old soccer savior.

The outdoor game this year was amazing in Buffalo…I did not go but from the stories I heard people were going nuts and we lost. But there were people tailgating and just going shit crazy. Now if the NHL would use this to there advantage, they could get a fan base back. Lets say they did that like once a month on like a sunday nite…there ratings would go through the roof. So this blog is for all you NHL fanatics out there all 4 of you. Lets think of ways to get the NHL back to its glory days because I used to be a fan back when NHL 94 was out for SEGA…ps lets see some more fights! BELIEVE IT!

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