What a wild weekend of hockey! Two overtime games in one day. I got to go to the Dallas-San Jose game Sunday night and didn't get back to Houston until around 4:30 this morning, so after several cups of coffee and some sugar courtesy of Shipley's Doughnuts, I'm back to life (somewhat).

The field is now down to four. Two of the teams that are in are teams I expected to be in. The other two are shockers. Nonetheless, that's why they play the game. We look ahead to the NHL's Frozen Four.

Eastern Conference

Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh - When you break it down, the two teams are almost even. Both teams played tough series against Montreal and New York, respectively. What separates these two team, aside from the fact that they share the same state is they hate each other with a passion. Philly fans have accused Penguins star Sidney Crosby of diving. This comes from a team that acts as though they are the second coming of the Broad Street Bullies. Sorry, Philly fans, in the games that I've seen Crosby, he hasn't been diving. Sorry, but you have him confused with Greg Louganis. To me, the flightless birds are a lot better than advertised, not to take anything away from the orange and black. It's guaranteed that one team from the Keystone State will be fighting for Lord Stanley's Cup. I am going with the Flightless Birds (Penguins), even though the Flyers hold a 3-0 lead over Pittsburgh in the playoffs. And yes, this will be a physical series. Penguins in 7.

Western Conference

Dallas vs. Detroit - The Red Wings have history on their side. They also have a few days more rest than the Stars, which could be a huge advantage. Granted, San Jose did give them a scare. That was then. This is now. For Detroit to reach the Stanley Cup finals, the goaltending has to be better. Here's a suggestion, Detroit. Start Chris Osgood. He seems to want it more than Hasek. which is not a knock on him personally. Also, keep Chris Chelios healthy. He's your meal ticket to hoisting the cup again. Dallas may be a little bit slower after playing the eighth-longest playoff game in the history of the National Hockey League and it may show for one or two games. In the end, though, that may come up and bite them on the butt. HARD! I'm not knocking Dallas but I am going with Detroit in what could be one of the best games in this year's playoffs. Hope Dallas likes calamari. Let squid fly! Red Wings in 6.

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