I have been reading all about the NFL Draft and who is going to be the top pick. I don't care about the draft per se because just they had a great career in college football.

Being drafed number one or two doesn't mean that a player will have success in the NFL but I am curious to see what the Dolphins will pick since they literally had the worst season I have ever seen in my life, so far. I also want to see what will be shocking about this NFL season just like when The New York Giants beat New England in last year's Super Bowl.

Of course, I am rooting for the Houston Texans, which reminds me, YES BABY! Houston got a MNF game finally against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Reliant Stadium. I wish it would be against the Dallas Cowboys or Indianapolis Colts but I will take it anyway.

I will write another article about my thoughts on the NFL season and my lousy preadictons who going to be the Cinderlla team and who will be in the playoffs. There is 95% chance, well.... make that 99% chance I will get it wrong but it should make a amusing reading for the bored people.

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