Alright since football season is in full swing, Walker-Sports is up and running at full speed. As part of our ongoing effort to be the best sports blog on the net, we will live blog the remainder of the games taking place today. These are some of notes that I took down yesterday while watching football.  Think of it as a behind the scenes view into the inner working of my mind.

Tom Brady goes down in the 1st qt with a knee injury. This could be very very bad for the Pats.

The Eagles look like they are ready to make a run this year. McNabb looks better than I have seen him in years.

The Jets look better, but still need a lot of work on their Oline.

The Rams offense looks horrible right now.

Well Randy Moss seems to remember how to get into the endzone.

The Steelers look very good against Houston. I really thought this could be a breakout year but they will need to weather the storm of a tough couple of opening weeks.

Looking around the league, offensive line play is so important. I know having a good D is big, but without the big boys up front your team is just dead.

It's hard to say if Atl is that good or are the Lions that bad once again.

If McNabb can remain healthy the Eagles could be really really good.

I can actually feel the heat coming off of Marvin Lewis's seat. Things are not good in Cinci. Not good at all.

Wow Dallas looked good on the opening drive.

Mmm... the Pats don't look as good without Brady.

A lot of teams look rusty today, and to think they are talking about shortning the pre-season.

Jake Delhome is back, wow what a completion to win that game.

The game that went under the radar this weekend, was the Titans beating the Jags.

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