Last week was a close call for our suicide pool pick. Thanks mostly to Favre’s horrendous play, the New York Jets, a 14-point favorite at home, needed a late game TD to pull out the 28-24 victory over the lowly Chiefs. For all of you still left in a suicide pool, please re-consider choosing Favre’s Jets for the foreseeable future unless you’ve got low blood pressure or a stomach to handle these things.

[[Image:Chicago%252520Bears%25252097-Present.gif|200px|right]] For week 9 of the suicide pool, we’re picking the Chicago Bears. They’re at home, coming off a bye-week, and playing a winless Lions’ team that hasn’t fared too well in the Windy City of late.

Here’s how we see this football game playing out. The only real threat that Detroit has on offense is Calvin Johnson, who is proving to be a beast at the receiver position. Aside from that, there’s not much to write about here. Defensively, we see Chicago doubling him (Johnson) for the majority of the afternoon and using its front seven to take away the running game and go after the QB. This should result in multiple turnovers and the opportunity for Chicago to take one back to the house for a TD. Offensively, the Bears will feature its running game (RB Matt Forte) in the early going and use this to set-up its passing game, which should have a field day vs. a poor Lions’ secondary. Look for Chicago to win this football game by at least 10 points - somewhere in the neighborhood of 28-14 or 31-17 - and that’s why they’re our suicide pool pick for Week 9.

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