So, we are finally nearing the end of our suicide-pool pick section, and while most have been eliminated, there are still others fighting for that pot of gold.

And to help you make the right decision to earn that pot of gold, here’s Pro Football 101’s lock of the week for Week 16: the New England Patriots.

The Pats are in a do-or-die situation—a three-way tie atop the AFC East, and from here on out, it’s a must-win situation.

Offensively, we see New England attacking through the air. The Cardinals like to bring their safety’s closer to the box and this leads to opportunities in the passing game. Adrian Peterson burned Arizona on the ground last Sunday but the real story of the day was Tarvaris Jackson’s four TDs.

So look for Cassel to continue to target Welker and Moss and they should be able to put up between 20-30 points in this one.

Defensively, Bill Belichick is notorious for confusing top-shelf NFL QBs with complicated defensive schemes. If you’ll recall, he’s the mastermind behind two of the greatest defensively called games in Super Bowl history: The Giants vs. Bills in ‘91 and the Patriots vs. Warner’s Rams in ‘02.

He’ll continue that trend on Sunday in what could be porous weather conditions in New England.

This football game should end somewhere in the neighborhood of 27-14 Pats or 30-17.

Teams used

Week 15 - Indianapolis Colts

Week 14 - Tennessee Titans

Week 13 - Baltimore Ravens

Week 12 - Denver Broncos

Week 11– Miami Dolphins

Week 10– Arizona Cardinals

Week 9– Chicago Bears

Week 8– New York Jets

Week 7– Houston Texans

Week 6– Philadelphia Eagles

Week 5– Carolina Panthers

Week 4– Buffalo Bills

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