We were back on track last week with an easy victory in our suicide pool. Although the game wasn’t over at 1:01 PM EST, one minute after we predicted, the Titans waltzed to a 28-9 victory over the depleted Cleveland Browns.

Weren’t these the same Browns that were being touted as Super Bowl contenders? As often is the case, the final product fails to live up to the hype.

For Week 16 of our suicide pool, our selection will be the Indianapolis Colts. The Lions are striving hard to become the first 0-16 team in the NFL, while the Colts are looking to extend their five-game winning streak. There’s a better chance of snow in July in Las Vegas than the Lions pulling off the upset in Indy.

Offensively, the Colts have shown that they are able to bury bad teams when they come to town. Some teams play down to their opponents level, not Indy. Peyton will find numerous holes in the Lions’ secondary and Rhodes, most likely subbing for Addai, will have a field day on the ground. Look for 27-37 point out of this offense.

Defensively, the Colts are going to face the Lions third stringer, Dan Orlovsky, on Sunday. Daunte Culpepper injured his shoulder last week and won’t be able to go, not that it would’ve mattered anyway. The Colts will stop the Lions ground game and then go after the QB, led by DE Dwight Freeney, which will lead to multiple sacks and a few turnovers.

The football game should be another double-digit blowout for the Colts, so if you’re still alive, or recently began another suicide pool, begin looking at Week 16 and try and figure out which teams are the most desperate. They’re usually the ones that rise to the occasion.

Teams used

Week 14 - Tennessee Titans

Week 13 -Baltimore Ravens

Week 12 - Denver Broncos

Week 11–Miami Dolphins

Week 10–Arizona Cardinals

Week 9–Chicago Bears

Week 8–New York Jets

Week 7–Houston Texans

Week 6–Philadelphia Eagles

Week 5–Carolina Panthers

Week 4–Buffalo Bills

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