In Week 13 of our suicide pool pick em, we got back to what we do best: winning. The Ravens, easily the best bet on the board, crushed the shorthanded Bengals and sent them to 1-10-1. January can’t get here fast enough for the Bungles. The Ravens pretty much did as predicted by running the ball, hitting on some big plays in play action, playing stout defense and forcing turnovers with one being returned for six.

In Week 14, our suicide pool pick is the Tennessee Titans. As you’ll notice, at no point early on did we choose any of the top NFL teams because we were hoping to keep them in our back pocket until this point in the season.

Unfortunately our first favorite we chose to go with, the Denver Broncos, laid the largest egg of the season when they fell to Oakland.

This game should be a no brainer as we thinks that if Vegas predicts the Browns will put six points on the board this week we’d say take the bet that they won’t. Now there’s always room for a letdown, especially when you see a wounded opponent coming to town, but expect the Titans to keep on rolling and inch one-step closer to locking down home field advantage throughout.

Offensively, we see the Titans pounding the ball with Johnson and White and then using the play action to set up the pass for Collins to his receivers and tight ends. 20-30 points should definitely be within reach.

Defensively, look for Tennessee to completely take RB Jamal Lewis out the game plan and then bring a blitz heavy package which will lead to sacks and forces 3rd string QB Ken Dorsey into multiple turnovers. Don’t be surprised if one of Tennessee’s DB’s return one to the house.

We don’t usually say this, but go ahead and start scouring the Week 15 schedule because this game will be done at 1:01 EST, exactly one minute after kickoff.

Teams Used:

Week 13 - Baltimore Ravens

Week 12 - Denver Broncos

Week 11–Miami Dolphins

Week 10–Arizona Cardinals

Week 9–Chicago Bears

Week 8–New York Jets

Week 7–Houston Texans

Week 6–Philadelphia Eagles

Week 5–Carolina Panthers

Week 4–Buffalo Bills

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