Well, in Week 12, our suicide pick officially came to an end. What on paper appeared like the lock of the day, ended up being the most head scratching performance of the week.

The Oakland Raiders, one notch above the Florida Gators, went into Denver and beat the Broncos 31-10. You’d have thought that Shanahan would’ve made Russell beat his team but no, he allowed Oakland to run the ball all over his defense and for Russell to throw only 11 passes.

But in the spirit of things, and in order to get you ready for Week 13, Pro Football 101 will continue to provide one lock to get you ready for your pool.

For Week 13, our pick is the Baltimore Ravens. The Cincinnati Bengals are playing out the football season and most guys are looking to avoid major injury prior to booking that long vacation to the Caribbean in January.

Here’s how we see this game playing out. Offensively, we see the Ravens committing to the running game. A healthy dose of McGahee and Rice will take pressure off of Flacco and allow the play action to be more effective. They should be able to put up between 20-30 points.

On defense, look for Ray Lewis and Co. to really bring the heat on Fitzpatrick as Cincinnati poses no threat in the running game. And since Chad Ocho Cinco appears to have checked out mentally (a few weeks ago), the Ravens will give a little more attention to Houshmanzadeh and this should relegate the Bengals’ offense completely ineffective. The Ravens have a great shot to score on this side of the ball.

Look for an easy stomping in Cincinnati and for the Ravens to move to 8-4.

Teams used:

Week 12 - Denver Broncos

Week 11–Miami Dolphins

Week 10–Arizona Cardinals

Week 9–Chicago Bears

Week 8–New York Jets

Week 7–Houston Texans

Week 6–Philadelphia Eagles

Week 5–Carolina Panthers

Week 4–Buffalo Bills

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