NFL Odds: Will Plaxico Buress Play for Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Bears: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a history of disgruntled, high maintenance players, and currently have two more on the roster in Kellen Winslow Jr. and Antonio Bryant, so the thought here, are they mascocists and want another one?   

Or have they come to their senses. The NFL Odds on the Bucs to bring Burress down to sunny Florida are +250, which actually is a reasonable chance it could happen. I mean, what's another nutcase at the institution, especially when people will pay to see them, because as the saying goes: there is no such thing as bad publicity.

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The Buccaneers finished 2008 at 500 against the spread or  8-8 and the NFL Football Betting Odds don't pick them anywhere near the top of their division, nor do they predict they will be in the Super Bowl. The Bucs dismissed " Chucky " John Gruden, who landed in the Monday Night Football booth, and brought in hard-nosed Raheem Morris to coach the circus of players, and the question will be: will it be a three ring circus?    

Finally, the NFL Future Betting Odds on the Chicago Bears to bring in Plaxico Burress are +450, which is lower than the Jets or the Giants, but a tad higher than the Buccaneers.This is a team in dire need of an upper tier receiver, since the only good one they have , Devin Hester, is more of a kickoff and punt returner, and a very good one at that. Da Bears finished last year a horrible 6-8-2 against the oddsmakers spread and the NFL Picks for them to have a breakout season doesn't look promising, but the addition of Burress could add some wins for the Bears, and possibly some dinero for the gamblers.

  Odds to win the 2010 Super Bowl XLIV  Arizona Cardinals 22/1   Atlanta Falcons 22/1   Baltimore Ravens  20/1   Buffalo Bills  50/1   Carolina Panthers  20/1   Chicago Bears  20/1   Cincinnati Bengals  80/1   Cleveland Browns  70/1   Dallas Cowboys  14/1   Denver Broncos  50/1   Detroit Lions  150/1   Green Bay Packers  25/1   Houston Texans  35/1   Indianapolis Colts  12/1   Jacksonville Jaguars  35/1   Kansas City Chiefs  65/1   Miami Dolphins  45/1   Minnesota Vikings  16/1   New England Patriots  9/2   New Orleans Saints 20/1   New York Giants  10/1   New York Jets  35/1   Oakland Raiders  100/1   Philadelphia Eagles  14/1   Pittsburgh Steelers  9/1   San Diego Chargers  14/1   San Francisco 49ers  50/1   Seattle Seahawks  45/1   St.Louis Rams  100/1   Tampa Bay Buccaneers  40/1   Tennessee Titans  20/1   Washington Redskins  25/1  Bet the 2010 Super Bowl Odds at [1]

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