Some people across the nation are denied access to the NFL Network because their cable system does not carry it or they can't afford it. Well if you watched the Pats game tonight( Side not congrats to the Pats becoming the first team to ever win 16 games in one regular season, and Brady for cementing his status as the Best quarterback of all time with the passing td record.) it pretty much showed you why, you don't need the NFL Network. While I think most people would agree that Chris Collinsworth is a fairly good broadcaster his partner in crime just makes me want the NFL network even less. Bryant Gumble turned in one of the worst announced games in the history of televised sports. He made a pretty exciting game boring in parts because well he is a boring person. After the Pats went down 12 with 9 minutes in the 3rd quarter left (which is still around 45% of the game left) he said well the Pats most score here or the game could be over. WHAT??? Was anyone watching the game it was obvious Eli was going to make a huge mistake (The terrible pass to Hobbs) and the Pats would find a way to win it. Yet Gumble was trying to convince us to turn off our sets and the game was over. Now here's my question why in the hell would you want to subscribe to something that the top announcer is BRYANT GUMBLE. Are you kidding me that announcing, made me just mute the game until the end when I was expecting something great said or some excitment in his voice as we witnessed one of the greatest moments in NFL history a perfect season. Yet what did we get, nothing just oh what do you know the pats are undefeated congrats guys.

With Gumble announcing I'd much rather just sit at home and check the score online every once in a while and see the highlights and analysis on ESPN later. If the NFL network got a good team of announcers say a suprising combo of Collinsworth, Sean Salsbury and Gus Johnson, i mean wouldn't you just want to be able to watch those games because the announcing would be classic and you'd feel like your watching a story unfold? Until then lets just stay away from the NFL Network and Gumble before everyone in America is sleeping because of his boring announcing.

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