There’s not whole lot to talk about when it comes to free-agent quarterbacks, but there are a couple who can and will make a difference during the 2008 season. The real NFL season starts March 1st as these free agents will one way or another find themselves in a new situation.

From a fantasy perspective never overvalue any free agent unless they’re re-signing with their current team.

Derek Anderson (Cleveland): Was it a case of Anderson making everyone on the offensive side of the ball better or was it the other way around? It’s weird how the NFL works; Charlie Frye was named the Browns starter during week one of 2007 and before the beginning of week three we never hear another word about him. I couldn’t tell you where Frye is right now, but I can tell you that Anderson is a bona fide starter and a draft day trade that landed Quinn in Cleveland could eventually backfire. Even when it looks like the Browns make excellent draft day decisions (Brady Quinn), it turns out that it may end up backfiring. So I ask, did Anderson make the Browns offense better or was it drafting Joe Thomas, the all-pro play of Braylon Edwards, Kellen Winslow’s maturation, or the resurrection of Jamal Lewis’ career that offered Anderson a sense of security? However we look at the situation Anderson is a perfect fit on a team that desperately needs to win.

Daunte Culpepper (Oakland): I am truly not ready to give up on Culpepper’s career and if he signs on with the right team with a favorable situation he should rebound from his less than perfect return from injury last season. In 2007 with the Oakland Raiders Culpepper showed signs of the old “Pep”, but on other occasions he looked confused and completely out of his comfort zone. Look for improvement this season and his best case scenario would be to squash any type of beef he has with the Vikings and grow with a team close to making big noise in the NFC. In my opinion, a healthy Culpepper could replace about 50% of starting quarterbacks in a quarterback starved league but then again, I don’t earn millions making NFL decisions.

Other Free Agent Quarterbacks:

Josh McCown (Oakland): Career backup hoping to hang onto a job in Oakland.

Quinn Gray (Jacksonville): I don’t think Gray is as far away as most people think. However, at best he’s a couple years away from being an every week NFL quarterback and that’s only due to any type of injuries.

Drew Henson (Minnesota), Ken Dorsey (Cleveland), Ryan Fitzpatrick (Cincinnati), Jared Lorenzen (NYG), Cleo Lemon (Miami), Jamie Martin (New Orleans)

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