Much like the Oscars, or Golden Globes (what the hell are those anyway?), I am going to be giving out my end of the year awards for the NFL season broken into 'genre' or position. Regardless of talent, coaching, cheating, etc, Tom Brady executed like no other Quarterback in the history of the NFL over a single season. This was without a doubt the single greatest one-year performance by a QB in football history. Forget Dan Marino, Brett Favre, or Joe Montana, this season was it. Defensively, Bob Sanders had an amazing impact on the Colts team defense. Take into account that he's only 5'8 and recorded over ninety tackles and it's even more impressive. Even so he still barely edged Patrick Willis.

Team of the Year- New England Patriots

  • It's obvious, the undefeated season says it all.

Worst Team of the Year- Miami Dolphins

  • The least talent on a team in the NFL since the Bucs of the 70's.

Coach of the Year- Tom Coughlin

Worst Coach of the Year- Bob Petrino

  • Did the worst thing a coach can do, quit on his team before the season was over.

Most Over-hyped Player of the Year- QB Tony Romo (Dallas Cowboys)

  • Has the league's best Tight End, an elite receiver, a top 5 running back, a great offensive line, and a stingy defense, 0-2 in post-season

Most Under-appreciated Player of the Year- LB Ernie Sims (Detroit Lions)

  • Never hear more than three words about the guy, leads that defense without much other talent.

Offensive MVP- QB Tom Brady (New England)

  • Enough has been said about Brady this year.

Defensive MVP- S Bob Sanders (Indianapolis Colts)

Offensive Breakout Player of the Year- QB Derek Anderson (Cleveland Browns)

  • Threw for 3700 yards and 29 TDs after starting the season behind Charlie Frye.

Defensive Breakout Player of the Year- S Atari Bigby (Green Bay Packers)

  • 86 tackles and 5 interceptions to become UCF's second best defender all-time in the NFL.

Offensive Biggest Disappointment- TB Shaun Alexander (Seattle Seahawks)

  • Only played in 13 games, ran for 700 yards and 4 scores.

Defensive Biggest Disappointment- DE Jason Taylor (Miami Dolphins)

  • Taylor put up solid #'s, but his leadership was what disappointed me most, second lowest sack total in six years.

Offensive Rookie of the Year- TB Adrian Peterson (Minnesota Vikings)

  • Ran for 1300 yards and 12 scores with eight or nine men in the box at all times.

Defensive Rookie of the Year- LB Patrick Willis (San Francisco 49ers)

  • 174 tackles on an average team that played like a bad team.

Surprise Rookie of the Year Offense- OT Tony Ugoh (Indianapolis Colts)

  • Ugoh started 11 games this season and played well taking over for Tarik Glenn.

Surprise Rookie of the Year Defense- LB Jon Beason (Carolina Panthers)

  • Beason came out of Miami as a questionable 1st rounder and grabbed 140 stops.

Quarterback of the Year- Tom Brady (New England Patriots)

  • Giselle

Running Back of the Year- Adrian Peterson (Minnesota Vikings)

Wide Receiver of the Year- Randy Moss (New England Patriots)

  • This was the Hoodie's science fair project and it paid off, any time a guy catches twenty TD's in a season it's a record.

Tight End of the Year- Jason Witten (Dallas Cowboys)

  • 96 receptions, 1100 yards, 7 touchdowns, enough said.

Offensive Lineman of the Year- C Jeff Saturday (Indianapolis Colts)

  • He's the guy that makes this line click and off his butt even after losing Glenn to retirement.

Defensive Lineman of the Year- DE Mario Williams (Houston Texans)

  • I know this is a "What?!" pick but c'mon, the guy overcame #1 overall pick pressure and Reggie Bush's shadow to sack the QB fourteen times and record 59 tackles. He's started every game for two straight years as well.

Hybrid of the Year- DE/OLB DeMarcus Ware (Dallas Cowboys)

  • This is kind of a joke pick, since "hybrid" is the most over used term in football today. But if there is one, he's the guy. He fits that DE/OLB mold the 3-4 gurus love. 84 tackles, 14 sacks, 4 forced fumbles.

Linebacker of the Year- MLB Patrick Willis (San Francisco 49ers)

  • See above. Could have been Miami's replacement for Zach Thomas, instead they have Ted Ginn Jr.

Defensive Back of the Year- S Bob Sanders (Indianapolis Colts) and CB Antonio Cromartie (San Diego)

  • Sanders was the MVP, but I couldn't cut Antonio Cromartie out of a list like this. For a guy who only started eight games he grabbed 10 picks, 44 tackles, and 18 passes defensed and a defensive touchdown. Ed Reed was another option.

Special Teamer of the Year- WR/KR/PR Devin Hester (Chicago Bears)

  • Dester caught 2 touchdowns, returned two kick offs for six points, four punts, and he had two tackles.

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