So here we are, mid-week of Super Bowl XLIII and we are already ODing on the wall to wall coverage of a single football game. Hell, the coverage that this one single football game gets…Well, Obama’s Inauguration can’t even hold its jock strap to. Okay, perhaps the game and the excessive coverage isn’t of that magnitude, (after all, it was history in the making) but anytime you get the Arizona Cardinals making a cameo appearance in the Super Bowl that’s history in itself too.

We all are aware, and it goes without saying that the Pittsburgh Steelers fans are one of the most loyal and best fan bases in all of sports…If not the best group of patrons in all of sports! How these fans follow their team around from venue to venue throughout the season year after year, it’s hard to say that any other sports franchise’s fans can resemble Steeler fans. What we witnessed as everybody flocked to Washington, D.C., last week is what the Steeler fans are known for…Following and supporting their team no matter what. And they’re rarely out numbered…Well, except for this week!

This week, if you aren’t living in “The Burgh” or some transplant Steeler fan living some place else…Chances are you’ve hopped aboard the Arizona Cardinals bandwagon. It’s okay, it’s okay, no reason to feel guilty…Your team has been sitting at home on the couch for about a month, (or in the case of the Detroit Lions, they never left their house in 2008) saying, “wait until next year”! (How about it, Cub fans)

Speaking of next year 29 other teams and the respective fans are already looking forward to a season from now! By the Arizona Cardinals punching their tickets for Tampa, it shows all 29 that anything’s possible, (well, aside from Oakland…even you Lions fans). So here we are approx. 96 hours until the game is kicked off on Super Sunday…Hump Day of Super Bowl week if you will, which got me to thinking. Is this a one shot deal for the Cardinals? Will they have a legitimate chance to make it to Super Bowl XLIV…Steelers, what are the chances for them? Screw those two teams, personally I want to know if my Bears will go back to the scene of the "Soakfest" in Soggy South Florida so my ass can enter an iron lung once again for about a facking month!

July seems like a long way off…Of course though there’s the NFL Draft in April, which at the time Mel Kiper Jr. will make his cameo appearance for three weeks…Unfortunately, the Draft is just like that blonde bombshell pole hugger Crystal! Knowing how to push all the right buttons and then leaving us with that empty feeling! For us who have a horse in the race, we look towards South Florida and Super Bowl XLIV. The two participating teams are still to be determined at a later date. However, one thing that’s not left for speculation is the Super Bowl logo for the 44th edition.

Now I was highly critical of this year’s Super Bowl until it began to grow on me…Same can be said for Super Bowl 42’s. I must say that next year’s Super Bowl I’d loved immediately, (and I know Roger Goodell is so happy to hear the Popcorn Popper say that). So by this, strictly going on the color scheme…It’s a foregone conclusion that Super Bowl XLIV will have a Broncos-Bears tilt. And in these economic tough times, they can use the same paint for the end zones as the logo. Now that’s NFL Economics 401 my friends!

Any Thoughts?...

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