Yes, that’s right, it’s yet another NFL Draft article from yours truly. But since we’re less than a week away from the actual thing and with the AGM Mock Draft going on as we speak, I figured it would be okay. Let’s hope so.

The positional breakdown will break down the Top 5 players at each given position. It is not a list on how I think the quarterbacks will be drafted, just on what I think their skill level is and how successful of an NFL career they will have. And no, I’m not doing every single position (I’m not that crazy) so I’ll be breaking it down to rank the skill positions, defensive lineman, offensive lineman, linebackers, etc. As always, please enjoy.

1. Brian Brohm

Yeah, that’s right -- I did it. Matt Ryan is going to go ahead of Brohm in the draft, obviously, but I honestly believe in my heart that Brian Brohm is going to have a more successful career. Also, if I had to have one of the two quarterbacks for my own team (if I had one), it would be Brohm. I just think he is more talented. Don’t forget, Brohm was the unanimous number one last year if he had chosen to come out -- and he really didn’t take too much of a step backward this year other than having a less talented team. It puzzles me to no end how he isn’t the number one ranked quarterback.

2007 stats: 4,024 yards, 30 TD’s, 12 INT’s, 65.1% completion percentage

2. Matt Ryan

Not to say that I don’t think Ryan is talented. He’s very talented and I agree that he has some of the intangibles that make a great quarterback. All of last year, Ryan did more with less -- but that still doesn’t make him a better quarterback than Brohm. But please look at their stats before commencing with the bashing! Criticism aside, he still could save the Falcons franchise should they choose to take him. Or at least I hope so, for their sake.

2007 stats: 4,258 yards, 28 TD’s, 18 INT’s, 60.3% completion percentage

3. Joe Flacco

I’ve heard many people say that they believe that Joe Flacco will be the steal of the draft, quarterbacks wise. I haven’t seen enough of his game film to agree, but from what I have watched and from the stats I have studied, he certainly has what it takes. It’s hard to compare the stats from Flacco to someone else from such a stronger conference, but you have to admit they are still quite impressive.

2007 stats: 4,263 yards, 23 TD’s, 5 INT’s, 63.5% completion percentage

4. Andre Woodson

In my opinion, Woodson will be the steal of the draft. He’s going to go in the second to third round and is a great value pick for whoever gets him. Yes, he played for Kentucky whose schedule wasn’t the hardest in the country last year -- but the kid had a fantastic year. It makes you wonder about the whole recruiting process when it comes to quarterbacks. Some of the best quarterbacks in NFL history have come after the first two rounds. Yet we still swear by assuming anyone taken in the mid to late rounds just cannot be a superstar.

2007 stats: 3,709 yards, 40 TD’s, 11 INT’s, 63.1% completion percentage

5. Chad Henne

Henne took a step back in 2007 but to be fair, so did his team. He has solid raw talent and if mentored under the right quarterback, could have a very respectable career. It’s also worth noting that he was a four year starter in the Big 10 and his senior year was riddled with various injuries. So, his stats are deceiving. Being essentially the fifth best quarterback in the entire draft makes this in my opinion, one of the most talented all around quarterback classes I have ever seen.

2007 stats: 1,938 yards, 17 TD’s, 9 INT’s, 58.3% completion percentage

Honorable mentions:

Colt Brennan - A lot of people think Brennan will be a good quarterback, and so do I -- but it will be interesting to see him on a level playing field when it comes to competition. Having played at Hawaii, he didn’t play too many elite teams every Saturday.

Dennis Dixon - Dixon is my sleeper of the entire draft. Had he not gotten injured at the end of the year, he very well could have led the Oregon Ducks charge for a national championship. He also has in my opinion, one of the best releases in the entire draft and can scramble with the best of them.

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